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Small, but enjoyable. Unique in the terms of style. Well written.


Hiya, I've downloaded the windows version but when I run, all I get is a blank screen and just music playing - I've tried uninstalling it but it still persists

This is weird.
Make sure your DirectX is updated:
I hope it works.

The art style really drove this game for me, Ruby's and Niko's story and writings were pretty good for the little time you get to know the characters, Ruby was easily my favorite, and liked how his past regrets came into play and his smart ass remarks

And also thank you for making the vampire girl so cute ;3c

Thank you for this comment.
Fun fact: Ruby's story was the last I wrote, so I was very tired and not so confident with my writing. But everything went well and a lot of people, like you, have Ruby as the favorite character.

Anyone else saying that the vampire girl was cute? <3

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Oh no, I guess you were the first one, haha.

Nice :D

creates such a cool atmosphere. love the art style, the music you chose, and the writing... 

I liked how there was a sort of key for each character that you could follow to stay unbroken (ruby saying that she can change, she regrets her past, etc.)

Thank you!

I tried to give some hints to the good path, but can be tricky sometimes.

I really like this game and applaud the work put into it! Is there any way the OST for the game can be accessed? I loved the music for this. 

Thank you so much!

Actually, it's not an Original Soundtrack, but you can listen to the tunes here (menu music):

And here (the three in-game music):

Enjoy it!

This is a really good game! I managed to get all of the unbreakable endings but was a little disappointed that the game didn't have something for that. But I completely understand why that would be the case.

Thank you so much!

I understand you. An epilogue scene was in my plans but in the end, I just wanted to finish the game and start a new project.

Really interesting story, I played through Ruby's story this video and hope viewers will check out the others.


Ruby has the hardest storyline but got the unbreakable ending on the first try. Well done!
A link to your video is already on the gameplay videos list.

Deleted post

Thank you so much!

I don't know Fallen London but seems a nice game. I'll try to play it soon.

Only managed to get some of the endings but a very cool concept for a game.

Hey, that's nice. Thank you!
I will link your video on the game's page.
Tell me if you do an episode 2.

Thanks bro, sorry it took me a while to respond, I hve been away for the last couple days.

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Interesting game. I liked it a lot. You gave me some inspirations for my own interactive fiction.

However, the Linux version doesn't work, so I had to use Wine to get this thing working. Could you look over it?


Thank you!
I'm having some trouble with the Linux build, but I'm working on it. I'll reply to you here when it's done.
Also, good luck on your own project.


Hi, Johano.
The Linux version is working now.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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I will try. 

EDIT: And it's still not working. How come it didn't export to x86_64?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible with Gamemaker Studio.

But I figured out the problem. You need some libraries for the game works. I have included in the .zip file a text file explaining the circumstance and listing the libraries needed and how to install them.
I know that it's not ideal, but it's what I can do.


Nice little narrative game here's my video on it! feel free to incorporate it into your post if you would like :D 

Wow, thank you. That was really nice of you.
I have incorporated the video already, though I couldn't see the whole video yet.
I hope you had a nice experience.

I did enjoy it! I'll make sure to link the game in the description as well.