A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

I started make this game for the Jamtastic vol. 2 Game Jam. But as a noob, i didn't able to finish the game in 15 days. It took seven months. Yeah, I know. Too much, right?

The game jam theme was "Stealth + Rock 'n' Roll", so I decided to homage Chuck Berry and the origin of Rock.



In this game, you control the agent C. Berry, the last cat who can stop an epidemic extra-dimensional fungus that has doomed all the cats in the Earth. To save the world, Berry must hide from the enemies and reach the heart of the plague.



Arrow Keys: Move Berry
Z: Stealth Mode
Enter: Pause / Menu


This is my second game and despite some flaws, I'm very proud of it.


You Can't Catch Me! (Windows) 48 MB
You Can't Catch Me! (Ubuntu) 42 MB

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