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I started make this game for the Jamtastic vol. 2 Game Jam. But as a noob, i didn't able to finish the game in 15 days. It took seven months. Yeah, I know. Too much, right?

The game jam theme was "Stealth + Rock 'n' Roll", so I decided to homage Chuck Berry and the origin of Rock.



In this game, you control the agent C. Berry, the last cat who can stop an epidemic extra-dimensional fungus that has doomed all the cats in the Earth. To save the world, Berry must hide from the enemies and reach the heart of the plague.



Arrow Keys: Move Berry
Z: Stealth Mode
Enter: Pause / Menu


This is my second game and despite some flaws, I'm very proud of it.

Published Mar 12, 2018
PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorRaul Felix
Tags2D, Aliens, cats, rock, Stealth


You Can't Catch Me! (Windows) 48 MB
You Can't Catch Me! (Ubuntu) 42 MB

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